EduStic Games Awards

2013 Teachers Choice for the Family Award (Guess What!)

2013 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award (Pattern Smart, Tangram Smart) 

2013 Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year Award (Guess What!)

2013 Mom’s Choice Gold Award 
(Guess What!, Pattern Smart, Tangram Smart) 

2013 Toy Man Award of Excellence 
(Tangram Smart, Pattern Smart, Guess What!) 

2013 Major Fun Award 
(Guess What!) 

2013 Able Play Seal of Approval
(Pattern Smart) 

2013 Tillywig Toy Award 
(Guess What!, Pattern Smart, Tangram Smart) 

Press & Reviews

Teachers Choice Awards

“Help students develop creativity and geometric aptitude with TCA for the Family winner Guess What!.”

Parents Choice Foundation

“Guess What! fosters geometric aptitude, mathematical skills, processing speed, and problem solving.”

Major Fun Awards

“Guess What! is a great party game with lots of pedagogical potential. Major Fun for parties and school!”

The Toy Man Awards

“Tangram Smart put other tangrams to shame in our mega consumer hands-on evaluation event. It’s the perfect game for teachers, families, and children.”

Tillywig Toy Awards

“EduStic’s rousing, engaging, action-packed games develop a variety of aptitudes and skills–critical thinking, mathematics, pattern and shape recognition, among others.”

National Lekotek Center

“Pattern Smart is so much fun!”

Games for Educators

“The games are well-implemented and fun, great for classrooms, early learners, or just relaxing and spending time together.”

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