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  • My family liked that Guess What! used geometric shapes to portray the clues on the cards.  We enjoyed that the game was like "Win, Lose, or Draw" but using math concepts instead.  What a fun, educational twist!  And the fact that the pieces stick made Guess What! easy to use with the entire family so that everyone could engage in the game.
    Teachers' Choice Awards Evaluator
  • Guess What! is pure family fun with an educational twist.  It's great for kinesthetic learners.  My boys did not get bored with this one!
    Teachers' Choice Award Evaluator
  • My grandson, who has attention-deficit disorder, sat for hours playing Pattern Smart. My students and coworkers also love Pattern Smart. It is an extremely versatile product with many learning applications.
    Joyce Gerber, 40-Year Teaching Veteran, Emerson Schools, Ann Arbor, MI
  • We set up the demo tangrams and within an hour we sold the Tangram Smart game from the display! I am so impressed with the quality of the product and packaging.
    Sandra Dickson, Owner, The Curious Child Store, Bainbridge Island, Washington
  • What caught my eye was how well the EduStic pieces stuck to glass. It sounds like a little detail, but it transforms a good set of games into something really special - especially if you have sliding glass doors in your house.
    Patrick Matthews, Games for Educators Blog
  • Guess What! is a great party game with lots of pedagogical potential.  Major Fun for parties and school!
    Bernie (General Fun) DeKoven, Game/Play Guru, Author, The Well Played Game
  • Pattern Smart is my daughter's favorite toy!
    Emily, Parent, Chicago, Illinois