Prepare by peeling paper backing off pieces. Then, separate the pieces by pulling shapes apart. Clean pieces and surface with a moist towel to remove dust.

Design & Play

Design a work of art! Play anytime, anyplace!  Find a clean, glossy surface. Press firmly. Like magic, EduStic pieces stick! For an even stronger stick, moisten the surface or the pieces. As the surface dries, your creation becomes temporarily “cemented” in place.

Check & Share

Check at a glance for learning and understanding. Share your playtime creations with ease.

Showcase & Decorate

Showcase your EduStic designs in endless ways. Be creative!

Store Away

There’s no need for messy plastic bags or tubs. Arrange EduStic designs on laminated storage sheets. Then, store away in a binder or file folder. With EduStic, nothing gets lost and it’s always ready to be reused.