What is EduStic?

EduStic is the ultimate learning material to hit the education and game market! Our durable, pliable cling material sticks to any dust-free glossy surface. Try EduStic on laminated paper, dry-erase boards, windows, acetate, metal, glass, or plastic.

What’s the unique about a learning tool that clings?

Learning and play that stick!
All EduStic products stick to clean glossy surfaces. When kids, students, and game players create designs, they stay put. With EduStic, teachers can check progress at a glance, learning can be displayed indefinitely, and play can occur anytime, anyplace.

Makes sharing work and having fun easy
EduStic’s special static cling vinyl makes sharing student work and having fun easy. Students can solve problems on any dust-free surface and share with the teacher or class. Game players can find a nearby window, tile, or mirror and let the fun begin! With EduStic, you don’t have to hassle with overhead projectors, clunky plastic blocks, or locating that always elusive table space.

Reusable year after year
EduStic’s special static cling vinyl lasts indefinitely. Unlike other products which wear out with repeated use, EduStic stays put year after year!

Hassle-free management and storage
All EduStic manipulatives and game pieces can be stored on laminated paper. Manipulatives and game pieces can be inventoried at a glance and nothing will ever get lost. With EduStic, you always get hassle free management and storage!

An atmosphere of excitement in the classroom and during playtime!
EduStic products motivate students to learn and engage in play. Beautiful colors, intriguing designs, and endless fun are waiting to be discovered in each EduStic set. Exploring math concepts and having fun are always exciting with EduStic!

Why is EduStic a superior choice?

EduStic provides a quiet solution to hard manipulative clamor. EduStic products are similar in size to their counterpart wood and plastic versions. However, unlike their counterparts, EduStic manipulatives and game pieces stick to any dust-free surface. This makes them easier to manage, store and display. EduStic manipulatives and games are versatile: Use for class demonstration, to stimulate independent explorations, or to have fun with friends and family.